About Us

Introducing HAIR Envidia (Hair Envy)

HAIR Envidia is a Premium Quality 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair Company. We provide the most amazing quality of hair most professionals seek. Our hair is Remy; meaning cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction from root to tip.


We offer the BEST QUALITY HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS collected from donors in the Temples of India. Our donors are healthy and have never permed, relaxed, colored, bleached or chemically processed their hair in any way. Our hair is clean, fresh and natural with no silicone coating like hair found at beauty suppliers, online distributor/suppliers or social media sellers.

We only sell Authentic human hair extensions that come directly from the source. Our hair goes through a triple check quality inspection before leaving the source and again in our warehouse before it's shipped to you. 

100% Raw Virgin Hair is the most sought after hair extensions by celebrities and by women like you and me. Now you can have soft, tangle-free and natural looking Celebrity Quality hair at an affordable price.


Regina G. Thomas