HBO’s Good Hair

Did you see Good Hair on HBO this weekend? Chris Rock produced and starred in a 2009 documentary illustrating everything Black Women go through to get “Good Hair”.  Fast forward to 2018 and look at the people selling hair to us every day, the misinformation being spread by Chinese Companies and Chinese Marketer. So what is Good Hair in 2018 and is it worth your hard earned money?


HBO’s Good Hair


Today the Human Hair Business is worth over a Trillion dollars and we’re still not in control of an industry that sets the trends for 3 out of 5 women.  This business started slipping away from us in the ’70, when Beauty supply stores were taken over by Koreans. These Beauty supply owners treat you like crap every time you walk in the door. Owners who don’t shop in our community, owners who don’t care about the products they’re selling us, and owners who will only hire 2 of us to appear as if they like us.

Today (2018), there are very few people who look like me actually trying to make a living selling Real Authentic Remy Virgin Human Hair. The few Black owners selling Human Hair, are mostly likely selling hair being supplied and marketed by a Chinese based company with 2-3 middle men selling you a lie.

Over the next few weeks, I’m doing a series on Good Hair and what’s in that bag you’re putting on your head and your children’s head.  I want you to know the real difference between Remy and Non-Remy hair, the reasons why your beautiful hair only looks good for 3 – 4 weeks and why all Virgin Hair is not Remy Hair.

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